Guillermo Picchi


He is attorney from the University of Buenos Aires, he has a Masters in Criminal Law (Universidad Austral) and a postgraduate in Compliance and Criminal Law (Universidad Austral) and a Certification of Anti-Fraud and Compliance UCEMA.

Previously, he has exercised his profession carrying forward defenses and criminal complaints for natural persons and ideal existence for 5 years on behalf of the Anti-fraud Department of the Securities Exchange Committee of Argentina (CNV) and the Superintendencia de Seguros de la Nacion.

He has 08 years of experience in the Fiscalía Nacional en lo Criminal y Correccional Federal as a Under-Secretary. We was also a law-clerk at the Second Instance Federal Penal Room Nro. 2 Capital City of Argentina and the Office of the Economic Crimes Prosecutor, and against the Public Administration belonging to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

He participated in numerous Congresses and Symposiums on matters related to compliance, employer fraud and money laundering prevention (PLA / FT). He is a doctorate candidate (PhD in International and Criminal Law) Universidad de Buenos Aires.

He litigates before the ordinary courts of the Federal Capital and the province of Buenos Aires, and federal courts throughout the country.

Speak and write Spanish, German and English fluently.