International Law

International law is the set of rules, agreements and treaties that are binding between countries. When sovereign states enter into agreements that are binding and enforceable, it’s called international law. Countries come together to make binding rules that they believe benefit their citizens.

– Extraditions and international cooperation in criminal matters.
– Litigation before the Inter-American System for violations of the guarantees of criminal law, criminal procedure and human rights
– Systems of protection of Human Rights before the United Nations Organization (UN).
– Mediation mechanisms on corporate fraud, public and private corruption and corporate criminal liability before the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
– Representations before the International Criminal Court (ICC).
– Transnational Corruption and Bribery.

– Negotiations and international financing
– Asset recovery derived from transnational or off-shore crimes.
– Execution of international sentences.
– Advice to countries, international organizations and NGOs in the prevention of money laundering, corruption, administration of justice and crimes of the new crime.
– Affidavits, evidence collection in international processes or with execution in other countries, such as USA, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Israel, Switzerland, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and others.
– Asylum or refuge regime(Act. 26.165)
– International Criminal Law in general.

Complex Litigation & Dispute Resolutions

Our team covers a wide diversity of practice areas where the common goal is to resolve current and potential conflicts of our Clients, including the resolution of judicial disputes in all jurisdictions of the Argentine Republic.

– Recovery actions for assets derived from crime (asset recovery).
– Criminal administrative system before the Financial Information Unit (UIF) for violation of law # 25.246.
– Positions before the Anti-Corruption Office (OA).
– Alternative Conflict Resolution.
– Judicial and extrajudicial negotiations.

– Transparency & Compliance before the National Securities Commission (CNV).
– Supply Law # 20,680.
– Government sanctions.
– Evidence collection.
– Alternative Conflict Resolution.
– Judicial and extrajudicial negotiations.

Tax Criminal Law & Custom Law

The Firm acts actively in defense of the interests of natural persons and companies, national and foreign. Its members have knowledge and expertise in the subject related to this type of crime, being specialists and consultants both in the academic field and in the exercise of the profession.

– Criminal tax and pension.
– Tax litigation before the Tax Court and the Economic Criminal Court.
– Customs Criminal.

Foreign Exchange Criminal Law

The Firm provides legal advice to individuals and commercial and investment banks in the conflicts that may arise due to the financial operations and the capital market in which they intervene, including the defense of their interests in court and also in the field of law. Administrative sanction.

– Criminal exchange and banking.
– Insider trading and financial and stock market crimes.

– Criminal administrative system of financial entities before the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic.

Corporate Governance & Penal Law

The concept of corporate governance refers to the set of principles and rules that govern the design, integration and operation of the governing bodies of the company, such as the three powers within a company: Shareholders, Board of Directors and Senior Management.

– Corporate Investigations.
– Director’s Responsibility, Trustees and Auditors.
– Criminal Law in Business & Human Rights.
– Transparency in insurance and reinsurance companies.
– Implementation of business integrity programs (Law # 27.401).
– Financial fraud and insider trading.
– Design and Update of Ethics and Compliance Programs in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
– Corporate crimes, unfair administration.

– Prevention of Criminal Risks in the company.
– External criminal counseling for boards of directors.
– Forensic Criminal Defense in the Company.
– Corporate Defense Alerts.
– Internal investigations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, OECD Convention and UK Bribery Act.
– Due diligence in anti-corruption, money laundering & Company Criminal Liability.
– Consulting and Legal Opinions.

Criminal Law – general practice -, Constitutional Criminal, & Criminal Procedure

The criminal procedure law is the set of legal norms corresponding to the internal public law that regulate any criminal process from its beginning to its end between the State and individuals.

– Constitutional Criminal.
– Constitutional proposals before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation, and the National Chamber of Criminal and Correctional Cassation.
– General Practice of Criminal Law.
– Crimes against honor, freedom of the press and expression.

– Crimes against the public administration and the administration of justice.
– Crimes against the environment (Law # 24,051).
– Cybercrime & Antipiracy.
– Crimes against intellectual property and trademarks.
– Criminal Regime of Minority.
– Offences and Violations.

internal investigatios & Fraud

The firm works in criminal matters involving consulting and representing individuals and companies, with solutions designed to meet the demands of each client, providing services such as:

– Advice on criminal risks related to the company, its managers and third parties. Criminal exposure assessment of new businesses and technologies (e.g., fintechs, insurtechs and startups in regulated markets).
– Due diligence on stressed assets, to be acquired or traded by our clients, focusing on analizing legal and property risks arising from criminal and sanctioning processes.

– Drafting legal opinions related to criminal matters of interest to our clients.

– Strategic criminal representation in cases of high relevance to our clients, including defense of executives and employees, as well as the company’s own interests in criminal proceedings.

– Negotiating agreements with public authorities to resolve criminal or sanctioning demands (e.g. plea bargain, leniency agreements, conduct adjustment term, etc.).

– The Criminal litigation for companies with less complex criminal claims, associated with the day-to-day business. This includes the preparation of requests for the initiation of an investigation, monitoring of criminal proceedings, depositions follow-up, responses to official letters from police or judicial authorities, defense of employees, among others.

Anti money Laundering & Corruption

Our team of lawyers has a long track record in providing advice on corruption acts committed in North and Latin America along with international expertise on the application of extraterritorial rules.

Supreme Courts

Our work in the Supreme Courts (essentially National Casation Court and CSJN) takes place through judicial representation in cases related to various areas of law. We have experienced professionals and we act based on a strategic analysis, to deliver solutions that are in tune with the demands of our clients, in a global way.

The services include all the necessary measures to enable the knowledge and judgment of appeals, from the preparation of embargoes for clarification and special and/or extraordinary appeals in the Courts of origin to all other legal and regimental measures applicable to the exhaustion of the higher instances. They also cover proceedings in the Court of origin for the admissibility of the appeal, preparation of memorials, holding of hearings, oral arguments and monitoring of trial sessions.