Providing legal services of international reputation to the main companies, governments, financial entities, individuals and NGO´s.


Estudio Durrieu is dedicated to international law, compliance and economic criminal law, covering under such denomination the different branches of punitive law, corporate governance and global business law. The activity is developed both nationally and internationally.

It has a network of correspondents throughout the country and abroad (RIEDPE), which allows it to provide comprehensive assistance in this area. It should be noted that advice is provided in order to prevent conflict situations, the right of defense is exercised on behalf of clients or, when they are victims of legal actions.

Some of our clients:

– AstraZeneca, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch Bank, USA Embassy in Argentina, United States Government, VTB Bank, Madalena Energy SA, Centaurus Energy Inc, Christie’s, Sotherby’s. TrueStar Group, Synapsis Trading SLU, KPMG, RIPIO and Victims International Foundation.

In order to meet today’s requirements and needs, the firm is able to advise in Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and German.

The Firm is proud to be on the list of law firms suggested by the embassies of the USA, England, Italy, Israel, Canada, Russia and China.

The firm provides consulting and legal services in regional and international courts and forums. It is a member of RIEDPE, the International Network of Lawyers specialized in anti-fraud and asset recovery, and the US, UK and French Foreign Affairs Offices in Argentina have recommended the firm for possible consultations by their citizens.

Our History

In 1952, Dr. Roberto Agustín Durrieu (grandfather of the co-founder of the firm) served as a judge in the Federal Capital, following an extensive judicial career. While temporarily in charge of a court, he had to intervene in the closure of the newspaper La Prensa, ordered by the Executive Power. When he realized that the accusation was unfounded, he ordered the reopening of the newspaper and returned it to its owners. The next day, he was transferred to the province of Formosa as a federal judge. He did not accept the unconstitutional transfer and resigned.

Dr. Carlos Podestá, who at the time served as an investigating secretary, proposed that they found a law firm dedicated to criminal and constitutional law. In this way was founded the Podestá & Durrieu law firm.

Later, in 1956, Dr. Durrieu was appointed judge of the National Chamber of Appeals in Criminal and Correctional Matters of the Federal Capital, which changed the composition of the law firm as it had been since its inception.

By 1958, during the presidency of Dr. Arturo Frondizi, with the support of the Supreme Court of Justice, it was decided that Dr. Durrieu would assume the presidency of the Criminal Chamber of the Federal Capital, a position he held until 1963 when he resigned due to political circumstances.

Thus, the firm “Podestá & Durrieu” reasumed its activities. Shortly after, the law firm took on the name “Durrieu, Podestá & Guyot,” as Alejandro and Héctor Guyot shared the same building with the first two.

Dr. Roberto Agustín Durrieu also served twice as Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Buenos Aires during these years, where he taught Criminal Procedural Law. In addition, he was a deputy judge of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation in notable rulings such as “Bustamante” (1968), among others.

Over time, Dr. Roberto José María Durrieu (father of the co-founder of our firm) joined the law firm in 1967, in the specialization he had already chosen, starting his career as a professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires, where he served as a Student Counselor, Associate Professor by competition, and Academic Secretary. Furthermore, Dr. Roberto J.M. Durrieu worked as advisor, director, and undersecretary of state for the Treasury Attorney’s Office and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation.

After returning to private practice in 1984, Roberto J. M. Durrieu brought about another integration of the firm. On the one hand, the law firm “Podestá & Guyot” was founded and, on the other hand, the law firm “Rodríguez Varela & Durrieu”, chaired by Dr. Alberto Rodríguez Varela, who started practicing law together with Dr. Roberto J. M. Durrieu (father of the firm’s co-founder).

Then, In 2002, the law firm leaded by Roberto J.M. Durrieu together with Dr. Roberto Durrieu Jr. conformed with other prestigious profesionals the law firm named “Durrieu Abogados”, from where, after more tan fifteen years practicing law together with his father, in november 2017, Dr. Roberto Durrieu Jr. decided to leave the family firm to create a new firm focused on transnational and cross-border litigation cases, compliance, human rights, asset recovery, cybercrime, anti-money laundering, corporate investigations and corporate crime cases.

Since march 2019, Roberto Durrieu Jr., together with Dr. Tomás A. Guido and Dr. Dr. Salvatore Tolone Azzariti, conformed the above mentioned new law firm under the name of “Roberto Durrieu & Asoc.” CUIT 30-71635842-5, which is using the brand “Estudio Durrieu” registered in the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI) under the Acts # 3659271 and # 3663564.

To date, after a process of institutionalization of the firm, we have a team of more than 20 people, including administrative staff, associates, paralegals and partners. Additionally, we have an extensive network of correspondents throughout the country who have been supporting us in our work over the years of professional practice. Finally, on the international level, we are part of RIEDPE “International Network of Specialists in Transnational Criminal Law,” among other global professional networks such as the “Victims International” Foundation.

Over time, we have implemented fast and efficient work methods and incorporated new information technology to lead in the international and regional market in which we operate. We have been awarded by Chambers & Partners, Latin Lawyer, Best Lawyers and Legal 500 as the best firm in Argentina (tier #1) in “White Collar Crimes”, “Criminal Defense”, “Cybercrimes” and “Asset Recovery”.



– Association of Argentine Banks

– Argentine Association of Intellectual Property Agents

– Association Internationale de Droit Penal

– Argentine Chamber of Commerce

– Business Lawyers Association

– Buenos Aires Bar Association

– Bank Lawyers Committee of the Argentine Republic

– International Federation of Lawyers



– International Law Association, Economic Criminal Law Section

– International Bar Association, Corporate Criminal Law Section W

– International Criminal Law Association

– Martindale – Hubbell

– Buenos Aires Criminal Law Association


The main partners of the firm have a long history of representing financial intitutions, governments, corporations and individuals in complex white collar, international human rights, transnational litigation cases. Our business crime & asset recovery practice boasts some of the most higly respected criminal defense lawyers in the country, many of the whom have been prosecutors or enforcement officials.

We routinely advise and represent client in internal corporate investigations, criminal liability of legal investigations and constitutional and economic crimes trials involving allegations of securities fraud, compliance, privacy violations. insider trading, environmental crime, money laundering, bribery, banking & exchange crimes, Crypto offenses, cyber – crimes, tax offenses and extraditions & mutual legal assistance cases.