We are a Law Firm, specialists in criminal law. Providing legal services of international reputation, to the main companies and financial entities.


Estudio Durrieu S.R.L,that has seen its name associated to other distinguished lawyers throughout the years, is exclusively specialized in the professional practice of criminal law, encompassing under that label all the different branches that make up punitive law, and it has developed its activity both nationally and internationally, providing legal counsel to individuals and companies, defendants and plaintiffs .

Estudio Durrieu has an extensive network of affiliates throughout the country and abroad, which enables it to provide comprehensive assistance in the matter. It is worth mentioning that (i) counsel is provided in order to avoid conflictive situations, (ii) the legal right to a defense is exercised in representation of clients and, (iii) in the cases in which the client is the victim of a criminal action, we act on his behalf both in court and out-of court instances.

The experience acquired in the private sector, coupled with the experience gathered by assisting the Government and Non-Governmental Organizations has allowed Estudio Durrieu to develop different kinds of consulting services, as well as handling all types of court criminal cases.

Bearing in mind present-day requirements and needs, Estudio Durrieu is capable of providing consulting services both in Spanish and English.

Taking into consideration our clients requirements we have incorporated a department of corporate investigations, through which we implement directly that important activity, that is carried out by specialists.


As an integral part of its professional and academic development, the members of the Firm are also involved in the academic arena, as professors at prestigious universities. They are also active in conferences, seminars and courses as members of the panels and lecturers.

For over 45 years we have provided advice and given conferences and seminars at universities, law associations and chambers that group together the main productive sectors of our country and other public and international private entities. Among the most relevant it is worth mentioning the Argentine Industrial Association (UIA), the Association of Argentine Banks (ABA), The Argentine Federation of Lawyers Associations (FACA), the Association of Press Employees of Argentina (ADEPA), the Argentine Medical Association, the Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities, the Argentine Chamber of Commerce, the Professional Council for Economic Sciences, Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP Foundation, the Argentine Association of Tax Law, La Nación Newspaper Foundation, the Argentine Association of Intellectual Property, United Nations (UN), Ministry of Economy of Argentina, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Argentina and the National Congress.

The most important issues presented at such occasions are those related to criminal law as a whole, among them “Criminal Responsibility of Commercial Enterprises and its Authorities”, “Credit Card Crime Protection”, “Malpractice Criminal Responsibility”, “Slender and Libel Offences Through the Mass Media”, “Exchange Criminal Law”, “Offences against Honor and Freedom of the Press”, “Tax and Pension Criminal Law”, “Swindle and other Types of Fraud”, “Money Laundering and Corruption Prevention”, “Environmental Crime” and “Computer Crimes in the 21st Century”.


Estudio Durrieu is fully committed with society and therefore it actively participates in many community projects, providing legal counsel to non-profit organizations and individuals.

We have also participated in the elaboration process of many bills that have been submitted to provincial and national executive and legislative bodies. Some examples are:

-Draft bill for the Latin American Standard Criminal Code.

-Bill for Credit Card Crime Regulation

-Anti-Corruption Bill nr. 25.188

-Draft Bill for Antitrust Act nr. 22.262

-Convention of Juridical Interaction with the Oriental Republic of Uruguay (Letters Rogatory and Criminal Records General)

-Oral Trial Implementation Act (Act nr. 23.984 and nr. 24.050)

-Making contributions for the treatment of the Criminal Processes Code Reform.

-Reforms to many Criminal Code Titles, included in the general part as well as the crimes themselves.


Estudio Durrieu´s Professionals build a direct relationship with their clients, providing them with constant and updated information about the status of their affairs in order to come up with quick solutions or, if such is the case, to prevent criminal responsibility.

The members of Estudio Durrieu have a high professional level that enables them to offer practical and economical solutions to its clients, that may also be creative, if necessary. Personalized follow-up of the cases is conducted in a fast manner, confidentially and at a low cost.

We also have an internal training system that keeps our lawyers constantly updated regarding any new issues appearing in the criminal and economic criminal field and in the business environment.


– Association of Argentine Banks

– Argentine Association of Intellectual Property Agents

– Association Internationale de Droit Penal

– Argentine Chamber of Commerce

– Business Lawyers Association

– Buenos Aires Bar Association

– San Isidro, San Martín and Morón Bar Association.


– Buenos Aires Criminal Law Association

– Bank Lawyers Committee of the Argentine Republic

– International Federation of Lawyers


– International Law Association, Economic Criminal Law Section

– International Bar Association, Corporate Criminal Law Section W

– International Criminal Law Association

– Martindale – Hubbell

– Buenos Aires Criminal Law Association